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Strasburg Air Conditioning Contractor

The summers in Ohio can become overwhelmingly hot. Heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, and sun stroke are all very real threats for those who can’t escape the triple digit temperatures. Make sure your family has a cool place to relax by calling your Strasburg air conditioning contractor, Alpine Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will take care of any simple repairs or get you fixed up with a brand new system. Let us help you keep your home a safe place for your family. Call Alpine today!

Strasburg New Cooling System

You’ve done all you can, but it just can’t be saved. Your trusted AC has bit the dust! It’s time for a Strasburg new cooling system from Alpine Heating & Cooling. We have a great selection of Armstrong Air products that are guaranteed to fit any home or budget. Our top rated installers will have your home cool as a cucumber in no time! Don’t spend another summer day melting away! Call Alpine for your AC replacement now!

Cooling Service in Strasburg

Keeping your AC running smoothly can be easy with our affordable maintenance packages. Scheduled tune-ups and maintenance is important for any machinery or equipment. Not only can you catch potential problems early for simple repair, but you can extend the life of your system. This also helps lower energy costs. It’s just savings all around! When you get ready for cooling service in Strasburg, call Alpine Heating & Cooling.